Business advisors and founders of a diversified portfolio of ventures, our multidisciplinary team assesses international clients and develops promising businesses since 2003

Management Team


Alain Vanderhoeght

Executive Director


Elisabeth Bricout

Executive Manager** who secretly runs everything


Benjamin de Seille


The measure of a man may be found in his extremes. Try, strive, even fail - that is where your success lies.

– Jacques Brel

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Diversified Business Portfolio

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Health & Safety

Goalkeeper Scientific

Health & Safety

Construction material

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In the Gulf

In addition to our own ventures, our team has more than 15 years of experience in cross border businesses with the Gulf region. Our multidisciplinary experts originate realistic & competitive business solutions, assessing Gulf businessmen willing to develop their activities. We are also advising GCC based Groups, Families and Banks, diversifying their expansion and solving business issues.

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